Hired A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor To Do Our Bathroom

My husband and I had finally saved enough money to have our bathroom remodeled. We had been saving for a year or so because we wanted to get all new everything. We had checked prices with a contractor when we first started considering and saved a little more than that amount. We wanted to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor and started searching for the best one to do the job. More information: pro construction.

I went on Facebook and posted a question asking my friends if they could recommend a bathroom remodeling contractor and then decided to post in a local Facebook group that had lots of people from my town in it. I wanted to get a variety of options so I could compare and choose the best contractor. I received several responses about contractors that do this and some of them even had Facebook pages so I could look at the pictures of the work they had done and also see and read reviews from their customers.

After hearing what a few of these people on Facebook said, I narrowed my options. I told my husband which ones I heard about and that people recommended them on Facebook. He isn’t quite sure how Facebook works because he doesn’t have one himself. He said he would call the contractors to get estimates, but he wanted to look at reviews online first.

He went online and found reviews for bathroom remodeling experts. He said that one of the ones he read great reviews about was also one that the Facebook community recommended. He said he was going to call that one to see what they would charge to remodel our bathroom for us.

After talking to the company on the phone, my husband let me know that they were going to come and look at our bathroom so they could give us an estimate and talk about everything that we wanted to replace.

The appointment went well and we discussed how we wanted it remodeling from top to bottom. The estimate we received from the contractor was less than we had saved and we made arrangements for him to start working on it.

This crew was able to remodel our bathroom just the way we wanted it and at a price we could afford. They did a great job and we love the way our new bathroom looks.