Found A Great Tree Service Plano Has To Hire For Cutting Down A Tree

When I moved into my home I thought I was well informed about the property line and what I owned. There was a tree on the property line that I was under the impression that I owned. It was dying and I wanted to get it taken care of in order to prevent any mess that it could make on my neighbor’s property. I also didn’t want to take the risk of it falling and injuring someone.

Before I did anything, I wanted to talk to my neighbor about it. It seemed like the best thing to do because I wasn’t really sure if I owned this tree or he did. It was kind of in the middle of our property line. I saw my neighbor outside one day and I asked him about the tree. He said that it is in a spot that we both could be the owners of it. I told him my plan and that I wanted to get it cut down and he said that was something he wanted to do too. We agreed that since we couldn’t decide who’s property it was on, that we would split the cost to have it cut down. I asked him if he knew of a tree service Plano has that would do it. He said he wasn’t sure of any right off hand but he would ask around and I told him I would do the same thing.

I went online and asked on Facebook to find a tree service Plano has. I had luck before finding other businesses this way and knew it was an easy way to find out about anything. I had a friend of mine that responded and said they just opened their own tree service business. I knew him pretty well and sent him a private message to ask him what he would charge. He gave me the price and I discussed what I found out with my neighbor. We both agreed that was a reasonable price and hired this guy to cut this tree down. It looks so much better without it and now we don’t need to worry about this tree falling any longer. I am happy I have a neighbor that was willing to work with me to have it cut down and not against me.

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