Bought Shaw Carpet At Lowe’s To Have Installed In My Home

I wanted to get new carpet for my home. I went to a few different local carpet stores to see what they had. It seemed like their prices were a little high, but they had a huge selection of carpet. I found some Shaw carpet there that I wanted but first I wanted to compare prices at other places before buying it.

I went to Home Depot to see what kind of carpet they had. Their prices were higher than they were in the carpet stores. I kept looking and the next place I went was Lowe’s. I found a huge selection at this store too. I even found the same Shaw carpet that I wanted and the price was better. They didn’t even charge for installation with the purchase. I decided to go ahead and purchase my carpet from here. I let the sales associate know what I wanted and the size I needed. I let them know the best time for installation too. They made an appointment with one of the installers to put the carpet in my home.

I was really excited to get the new carpet because mine was in dire need of replacement. Having kids and dogs really put a hurting on the old carpet and now I only have one dog and my kids are grown. I know that Shaw carpet is a great brand and it is known to last for a long time.

The installers were able to install my carpet while I was at work. When I got home I felt like I walked into a totally different home. I was really happy with the way it looks and I have been happy with how well it stays clean. I am so glad I had the extra money to have the carpet installed and that I was able to have it done quickly. I am also glad I shopped around in order to find the best price on carpet. I would have paid a little more for it but I am sure it would have looked just as nice. I always shop around for the best price on everything and will continue to do so just because of things like this. I am glad it’s done and it looks much nicer and has brightened up the whole house because it’s lighter than it was before.