Double Glazing And Its Benefits

Double glazing can be defined as using two glass panes separated by gas or a vacuum to reduce heat transfer, thus facilitating reduced heat loss from buildings. The gas used (argon) or vacuum created in between the glass panes improves the pane’s thermal and sound insulation, which makes your home even more comfortable and quieter. Many people therefore use double glazed windows and doors in their homes to make it more energy efficient (in both winter and summer), and comfortable as well. Other added benefits that come with insulated glazing include:

1. Temperature Control

Double glazing enhances a window/door’s thermal effect remarkably, with experts estimating reduced heat loss by approximately 65%. By reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, you can enjoy constant room temperature without having to turn up the AC or room heaters. This also means that you can enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters without spending much on energy bills.

2. Quieter Home

If you live with noisy neighbors (blaring music) or a noisy neighborhood (near an airport) for that matter, you can then take advantage of double glazing doors and windows for a quieter home. The vacuum gap or inert gas between the double or triple window panes reduce noise pollution by absorbing some of it and repelling the rest. Experts, however, recommend investing in a window system with a larger air cavity especially if one lives in an extremely noisy neighborhood.

3. Enhanced Security

Double glazed windows and doors are considerably much tougher and harder to break than a single glass pane. Another reason for this is the fact that, insulated glazing units use toughened glass for improved performance and toughness. Having these windows installed in your home, therefore, helps prevent smash-and-grab incidences and forced entry. Even if the burglar was to break the glass, the supporting shards remain intact thus making it harder for him/her to break in.

4. Boosts Resale Value

The returns on investment in using double glazed windows and doors are astonishingly high. With your home much quieter, more energy efficient, and even more secure, its resale value improves remarkably. Whether renovating your home or just need new windows installed, you could increase the benefits and your home’s value by investing in insulated glazing. Meeting the minimum Energy Star Rating within the state will also be very easy should you use these windows.

5. Reduces Condensation

Condensation poses a major risk in your home, windows, and door frames. In high moisture areas, increased condensation leads to the moisture/water trickling down the glass into the frame, which again damages its structure, especially for iron and wooden frames. In addition to this, the increased moisture levels provide an ample breeding ground for mold and other types of fungi. Fungi and mold pose a major health risk to everyone living in the house, including your pets. Nonetheless, investing in insulated glazing can help prevent all these issues thus making your home safer.

Although a little more expensive than single paned windows, double glazed windows and doors will not only make your home comfortable and safe but also helps protect your most valuable investment – the house.

Information On Double Glazing

Tired of your current windows? Want to create change and bring your house to life?

Double glazing is the way to go in this day and age.

These are windows that are going to shine and provide a burst of life to your house that might not have been possible otherwise.

Here is more on double glazed windows and why they are the right option for property owners wanting to do something special.

Those who realize the benefits associated with double glazed windows are never going to go in any other direction ever again.

Increased Durability

Imagine a winter storm is happening outside and you hear cracking from the upstairs room. So, you run to it and notice the window has cracked open, and snow is flying in.

Is that something you want to witness in your life?

Most people would never want anything to do with this, and that is why you will want to look at getting a window that is double glazed.

A window such as this will remain protective and last for as long as it has to.

The durability of a window can make a real difference, and that is why going to an option such as this matters.

Better Aesthetics

The look of the window matters a lot, and that is hard to ignore for those who are making a choice one way or another.

A window that does not have an aesthetically pleasing look to it is not going to impress regardless of how durable it may be.

This is why double glazed windows are the way to go in this day and age.

They are not only going to last but will look fantastic at all times from inside and out.

This can increase the value of your property in seconds.

Simpler Installation

The installation process does not get extended because it is simpler from top to bottom. The installer can come in and have the window up in minutes.

This is essential for those who are on a deadline and want to get things done rapidly.

It also showcases the precision of the window and how well-designed it is.

Other options take days to put up and can still require tweaks from time to time when the weather gets wonky. Therefore, it is recommended to choose this as your go-to option.

Double glazing is a part of modern technology in the world of windows and is highly recommended for property owners wanting positive change. These windows look great, feel great, and are downright built for all weather conditions.

This can save a person from the constant repair that gets in the way of what is being done around the property.

Instead of letting things get to a point of no return, why not choose a window of this nature for your property? It will have a positive impact on the property and bring it to life like nothing else ever could.

This is the power of good windows.

About Double Glazing

Double glazing, also known as insulated glazing, is a new type of window that has been made possible through recent advancements in material science. Also known as double pane, some of these windows go another step further and become triple glazed or triple paned. Each of these panes, whether its the two panes of double glazing or the three panes of triple glazing, is separated from one another by a layer of a vacuum or a gas filled space. This space is intended to be a useful tool in the retention and warding off of heat. These layers of gas or vacuum keep heat out of the building when it is coming in during the summer and keep heat in the building when it is cold outside and the building’s residents need to keep heat inside.

Double glazed windows are separated by “spacers” lengths of material between which each pane of glass. Traditionally these lengths are made out of metal, but because metal is a good conductor of heat, this tends to undermine the insulating qualities of the double glazed window. Additionally water and ice tend to form around metal window spacers which can lead to long term window damage after a few rainy and cold seasons, costing home owners time and money. Spacers should ideally reduce heat flow, and thus are generally made with materials that will act as a less conductive or non conductive material in order to improve the window’s capacity to keep heat in or out of a building no matter the season. Typically these spacers are made out of structural foam, but others are made out of aluminum, which has different conducive properties than other metals.

These windows are normally manufactured on a made to order system on factory assembly lines, with the height and width determined when the window is ordered. The glass panes are cut in these sizes and then mechanically inserted between the spacers. An adhesive sealant, almost always a compound know as polyisobutylene, is placed on the face of the spacer on both sides to create an air tight seal, followed by either a specialized vacuum device siphoning out all the air between the panes before applying a final layer of sealant to create a vacuum or a specialized pumping device that fills the space between the window panes with a gas that is a good insulator. Generally this gas is a monatomic gas such as kryton, xenon and argon that will not carry heat in a rotational way, at least at normal temperatures.

These windows can keep heat in during the cold season and are quite useful for lowering heating bills in the long term, which as any home owner will tell you can be a difficult, painful bill to pay. Of course, in the hot season, cooling bills can be equally painful. Yet double insulated windows are also quite useful in reducing cooling bills in the hot season as well, as they also keep heat out when the heat is coming from outside,